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TMNTの動画つくりましたー! leo×raphなので苦手な方は注意してください



English Translation

The excited faces of people
Bathing in the pouring sun
I glare and cut through
In the morning feeling grumpy

Past the people who dodged me
Who’s in a bad mood and eyes disappointed
Saying “hello” and shake a sword
While practice, you were standing

When you realize, the eyes meet
A sweet romance, not interested at all

But I wonder why
I can’t see your face

“I don’t have anything to do with it, because…….ugh, so annoying!”

Even if I glare at the sun I found
Even if I put a lid on this thumping heart

Can’t hold this feeling in, it feels disgusting
I don’t know, it’s a weird feeling

wow wow wow
My attitude shows on my face
For some reason I got nervous and my voice squeaked

“I don’t understand this situation! So annoying!”
I’m acting a bit stupid

Today again, the Sewer Lair is normal and I yawn
Sitting on the couch. only the two of us

It bothers me, even if I turn on the radio
With a bored attitude

I stood up but wasn’t paying attention
And is clearly seen through

That the headphone
I was pretending to listen to
Was connected to nowhere

“If time goes on, I’ll forget, something like that”
I was somewhat stubborn

But I wonder why
I can’t put it into words
Even if I’m in a bad mood, no words come out

Carefully “Lets show with my attitude”
I sealed away my words and once again ran in circles

“This feel, if it’s going to go on, then it’s not so bad”
Feeling a bit cowardly

wow wow wow
“You look in a good mood today”
“Can’t you tell that I’m annoyed?”
I pinched your cheeks

That Arrogance attitude, it makes me annoyed
Oh no, today is going to end

Glaring at the sun once again
“Don’t dawn yet!”
I sucked in my breath

The thumping heart hurts a bit
An extraordinary feeling

“I want to tell you” so I started running
This feeling won’t stop, it’s going to explode

Before the sun dawns
I want to tell you somehow

God, please do something



Disney villains cosplay with TMNT